Access for All

Riverside Studios is a very old building and was not designed or built with access for disabled people in mind. The building was converted to be DDA complaint and conforms with current legislation. A lift and limited space for wheelchair users is available. However if you have any concerns or wish to discuss capacity please either contact the event organiser or, if you have specific questions about the building, Riverside Studios directly.

The main auditorium is situated on the second floor of the building. In the unlikely event of the lift going out of service then access to the second floor for wheelchair users and others who have impaired mobility may not be practical. If you or any member of your party has restricted mobility, and you notify us of this in advance, we will endeavour to update you should any problems occur.

The facilities of the venue are the responsibility of Riverside Studios. In the event of access being restricted or denied for reasons outside of Time and Relative Ltd’s control, we will refund the ticket price paid in full, but sadly no more!

For more information visit Riverside Studios own accessibility page.