Our usual ‘fair autographs policy’ will apply. This means that with most of our guests, there is no limit on the number of autographs you can obtain, provided you act reasonably. We may ask you to re-queue or limit the number of signatures you obtain in order to be fair to other attendees and guests.

Some guests may have a separate autograph policy applied. This will be made clear when the guests are announced. This may extend to a requirement to purchase an item to obtain a signature or to pay an additional fee. This will only be applied in order to make the number of guests attending commercially viable.

Autographs are for personal use only. Some guests may insist on a dedication. If the guest or organiser believes that autographs are being obtained for commercial reasons then access may be restricted.

Special notes:

Colin Baker
Every attendee can receive a free signature on a personal item from Colin. Additional signatures will be charged at £10 each. Colin will have a selection of photos available to buy, priced from £15 to £20 and these can be signed for no additional charge.

Derrick Sherwin
Derrick Sherwin is appearing courtesy of Fantom Films to promote his new book ‘Who’s Next?’ Copies of the book will be available signed by Derrick for £19.99 - purchase will also entitle the buyer to a signature on a personal item. Additional signatures will cost £10 each.