Nerva Cryogenic Chamber T-Shirt (WHITE)

Sizing Guide:

All sizes are approximate and are shown in centimetres:


Size		Width		Length

S		19.1			27.4
M		21.1			28.3
L		22.0			29.3
XL		24.0			30.3
XXL		26.0			30.9
XXXL		28.0			31.5


Size		Width		Length

XS		12.9			16.1
S		15.0			17.7
M		16.9			21.6
L		18.1			23.6

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Nerva Cryogenic Chamber T-Shirt (WHITE)
Our white short sleeve T-Shirt clearly identifies you as one of the best of humanity, having selflessly volunteered to undergo the suspended animation procedure in the hope of repopulating a future Earth.
T-Shirt is white cotton. Please check our sizing guide before placing your order.

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