Happy Valentines!

Hello and Happy Valentines (OK...maybe a few days late, I've been out of the UK!). My first EVER Blog so please be gentle with me :-)

To tie in with Antony's rather splendid Celestial Toybox - this week celebrating the Christopher Eccleston era - I thought it would be interesting to look back as to what was making the headlines the day the show finally returned to BBC1 on Saturday 26th March 2005 almost six...yes, can you believe it...six years ago!

26 March 2005 - Former Labour Prime Minister Lord Callaghan dies on the eve of his 93rd birthday. He passed away at home in East Sussex, just 11 days after his wife Audrey died aged 91. Lord Callaghan, who is survived by a son and two daughters, was the longest living former British PM in history. He entered Downing Street in 1976 after the resignation of Harold Wilson. Prime Minister Tony Blair called him a "giant" of the Labour movement.

26 March 2005 - Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, as several political parties, 500 civic groups, and President Chen Shui-bian voiced their opposition to the "anti-secession" law passed by the People's Republic of China the previous week. It formalized the long-standing policy of China to use "non-peaceful means" against the "Taiwan independence movement" in the event of a declaration of Taiwan independence.

26 March 2005 - A group of physicists is battling what it considers the cosmological equivalent of the boogeyman: an enormous dark force, which nobody has ever seen, driving galaxies apart. Conventional wisdom holds that a theoretical "dark energy" makes up some 70% of the universe, and could be the determining factor in whether the universe is destroyed billions of years from now. But Italian and American cosmologists have another explanation for the accelerating expansion of the universe: They say the expansion is an overlooked aftereffect of the Big Bang, which brought about the universe.

26 March 2005 - Costa Rica and Panama set the record for the lowest attendance at a World Cup qualifier with a head count of zero! The match was played at Costa Rica's Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Ayma in San Jose (above), where Costa Rica had recently lost to Mexico on 9 February 2005. According to reports filed after the loss to Mexico, the home fans threw various objects at the officials and the Mexican players, including bottles, coins, batteries, and fruit. As a punishment, FIFA ruled that Costa Rica's match against Panama had to be played behind closed doors!

26 March 2005 - Actress Angelina Jolie wins FHM magazine global readers' poll, which drew 15 million votes, as the world's sexiest woman. The 29 years old beauty topped actress Jennifer Garner and US hotel heiress Paris Hilton, both of whom on the second and third position in succession.

26 March 2005 - Tony Christie feat. Peter Kay (Is This The Way To) Amarillo - first week to top the British charts

26 March is Independence Day in Bangladesh!

Till next time.....