Celestial Toybox: Action Figure

Doctor Who Action Figure: Melanie (blue top)

Sylvester McCoy 

Action Figure  Dapol 

Released: 1988
Cost: £2.99

This is one of the first Dapol figures, which was also available with Melanie in a pink top (as shown in the picture).

Doctor Who Action Figure: Planet of Fire

Peter Davison 

Action Figure  Character Options  The Master 

Released: 2010
Cost: £25

Planet of Fire sees the release in 5 inch form with the first Ainley Master from Character and a Fifth Doctor with a hat - all for £25!!

Doctor Who Action Figure: Sil and Peri

Colin Baker 

Action Figure  Character Options  Peri  Sil 

Released: 2010
Cost: £24.99

Peri becomes an action figure in this pose from Vengeance from Varos. Featured here with the famous mentor Sil, Peri comes complete in blue top and shorts. Character Options of course will be back with a sprayed green Sil no doubt from the Trial of a Timelord (and a bald Peri). Just a guess!

Doctor Who Action Figure: The Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison 

Action Figure  Castrovalva  Character Options 

Released: 2010
Cost: £25

Here is a confusing release - the fifth Doctor wearing the Fourth Doctor's clothes. A 5 inch toy from Castrovalva - obviously!