Celestial Toybox: Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who Walkie Talkie Set

Christopher Eccleston 

Released: 2005
Value today: 12.99

The first part of original merchandise to come from Series 1 (2005)

Doctor Who WHSmith Book Collection

Christopher Eccleston 

Rose Tyler 

Released: 2005
Cost: £10

This collection of 9th Doctor stories were part of the new wave of original fiction that emerged as the first series went out. These books also feature Rose.

Sonic Screwdriver

Christopher Eccleston 

Character Options  Sonic Screwdriver 

Released: 2006
Cost: £7.99

When Doctor Who came back in 2005 he bought his Sonic Screwdriver with him! This is one of very few pieces of Eccleston merchandise. Succesive Doctors have had their screwdrivers released!