Celestial Toybox: Colin Baker

Doctor Who Jigsaw Puzzle

Colin Baker 

Dalek  Davros  Jigsaw Puzzle 

Released: 1984
Cost: £1.99

200 pieces featuring the Sixth Doctor and the Daleks

Doctor Who Record

Colin Baker 


Released: 1984

This is the record of the Peter Howell version of the Doctor Who theme - seasons 18 to 22 (RESL 80). The single was released three times, with three different picture sleeves featuring Tom Baker, then Peter Davison and finally this version with Colin Baker.

Doctor Who Solo-Play Adventure Game

Colin Baker 

Peri  Sarah Jane  Tom Baker 

Released: 1986
Cost: $4

FASA released these 2 books in 1986.

Doctor Who: The Illustrated A-Z

Colin Baker 

Books  Factual Book 

Released: 1985
Cost: £9

A selective A-Z of Doctor Who. Great cover by Lesley Strandring!