Celestial Toybox: Colin Baker

The Third Doctor Who Quiz Book

Colin Baker 

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Released: 1985
Cost: £1.50

Yes third time lucky and we are back on track with some easier questions - what is the Power of the Daleks we are asked. More importantly where is the JNT foreword and at least an occasional picture or drawing. These books are not pretty.

The Twin Dilema - Hardback

Colin Baker 

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Cost: £6.25

The hardback edition of Doctor 6's first adventure. This was the second attempt to publish the book a the original jacket, featuring the Sixth Doctor was dropped following a failure to agree terms between the publisher and Colin Baker's agent over use of his likeness.

Watsits Cheesy Corn Puffs

Colin Baker 


Released: 1986

One of the tastier pieces of Doctor Who branded merchandise. By 1986 Doctor Who was in the public eye for the wrong reasons and this type of promotion was becoming a rarity.