Celestial Toybox: David Tennant

Doctor Who Diary 2008

David Tennant 

Released: 2007
Cost: £3.99

Join the Doctor and Martha to plan your year - not 500 year! - in this diary!

Doctor Who DVD: Series 1 (2005) and Series 2 (2006)

Christopher Eccleston  David Tennant 

DVD/Blu-ray  Rose Tyler 

Released: 2006 and 2007
Cost: £30 (in Francs)

French Doctor Who merchandise is great when the actors have been dubbed! I love the French Jackie Tyler!

Doctor Who Handkerchiefs

David Tennant 

K-9  Tardis 

Released: 2008
Cost: £3.99

3 cotton Handkerchiefs featuring K-9, The Doctor (10) and the Tardis. Produced by Sophos.

Doctor Who Jigwas: Last of the Time Lords

David Tennant 

Jigsaw  Jigsaw Puzzle  The Master 

Released: 2009
Cost: £5.99

This particular jigsaw features images from The Last of the Time Lords.