Celestial Toybox: David Tennant

Doctor Who Radio Times Cover 2008

David Tennant 

Radio Times 

Released: December 2008

This was the Radio Times cover to look at The Next Doctor.

Doctor Who Sweets

David Tennant 

Dalek  Food  Tardis 

Released: 2009
Cost: £1.99

More jelly sweets from BonBon.

Doctor Who Tin from BonBon

David Tennant 

Dalek  Food 

Released: 2008
Cost: £5

This tin of BonBon chocolate was released in 2008 and features a range of new series monsters (and K9) on the cover. Contained in the box is an after dinner trivia game for 2-6 players and milk chocolate prizes!

Doctor Who Visual Dictionary

David Tennant 

Book  Dalek 

Released: 2009
Cost: £12.99

Produced by DK this stunning dictionary has a similiar format to other books of its type.