Celestial Toybox: Elizabeth Shaw

Doctor Who - The Silurians

Jon Pertwee 

Elizabeth Shaw  Sea Devil  Silurians  The Cave-Monsters 

Released: 1992
Cost: £2.99

Released by Virgin with a blue spine, this novel was renamed in 1992 to Doctor Who - The Silurians, away from its original book title. Still technically incorrect though, as it misses the words 'and' and 'the'. Minor quibble!

Doctor Who Annual

Jon Pertwee 

Annual  Books  Elizabeth Shaw 

Released: 1970
Cost: 12s 6d

The history of Doctor Who Annuals dates back to 1965 with a h/b annual being released until Annual 1986. Marvel Comics picked up the Doctor Who Annual notion in 1991 with a Doctor Who Yearbook which ran for 5 editions. The new series started annuals again with Annual 2006.

Doctor Who Annual

Peter Davison 

Annual  Books  Elizabeth Shaw  Nyssa  Tegan 

Released: 1982
Cost: £2.50

This annual was released as the first to feature the Fifth Doctor alone (the previous year having introduced the new incarnation alongside Tom baker's Doctor) and continues a rare tradition of including the Doctor's companions on the cover. This has happened before in 1966 (who is that??), 1968 (Jamie),1970 (Elizabeth Shaw) and 1983