Celestial Toybox: Ice Warrior

Character Options: The Ice Warrior

David Tennant 

Action Figure  Character Options  Dapol  Ice Warrior 

Released: 2010
Cost: £6.99

This Ice Warrior was released in 2010. Ice Warriors have been featured as Toybox items in the past. We like the TV Toronado Cover and the Dapol release. Sevans kits also released a great Ice Warrior as part of their range.

TV Torando Magazine (Every Tuesday)

Patrick Troughton 

Ice Warrior 

Released: February 24 1968
Cost: 7d

Poor Patrick Troughton is one of the Doctors to have very little associated merchandise given over to him whilst he was playing the Doctor. This item is very collectable therefore as it aims to fill that gap. The only acknowledgement to the cover is on Page 7!