Celestial Toybox: Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who Annual

Jon Pertwee 

Annual  Books  Elizabeth Shaw 

Released: 1970
Cost: 12s 6d

The history of Doctor Who Annuals dates back to 1965 with a h/b annual being released until Annual 1986. Marvel Comics picked up the Doctor Who Annual notion in 1991 with a Doctor Who Yearbook which ran for 5 editions. The new series started annuals again with Annual 2006.

Doctor Who Book: Dutch Editions

Jon Pertwee 

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Doctor Who Book: German Editions

Jon Pertwee 

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Doctor Who Book: Kowaru Beki Saishyuu Heiki!

Jon Pertwee 

Books  Doomsday Weapon  Foreign Books  Target Books 

Released: 1980
Cost: Y 340

Cover by Sato and released under the title 'The Frightening Ultimate Weapon', this is a translated release of the Doomsday Weapon.