Celestial Toybox: Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who Laserdiscs

Paul McGann 

Daleks  Jon Pertwee 

Released: 1996
Cost: £20

In the year Paul McGann became the Doctor Encore released laserdis versions of three stories. This is one of them. Laserdiscs were the size of LP records.

Doctor Who Omnibus

Jon Pertwee  Tom Baker 

Books  Target Books 

Released: 1977
Cost: £4.95

This was a h/b Omnibus release of 3 Target novels written by Terrance Dicks, and produced in this format for a Book Club. This has to be the worst cover to a Doctor Who book ever!

Doctor Who Record

Jon Pertwee 


Released: 1973

This is the record (RESL 11) of the Doctor Who theme used up to Season 17. The record carries a version of the Delia Derbyshire arrangement, with the opening 'sting' introduced with season 8 and for the record only, the TARDIS de-materialisation overlaid part way through. This is the 1st picture sleeve release of the single, the later second version carrying a shot from the Tom Baker (1975 to 79) titles.

Doctor Who Record

Jon Pertwee 


Released: 1985
Cost: £2

This is the Safari Records re-issue of the single, a version of the theme with lyrics written and performed by Jon Pertwee! It also has the Blood Donor release 'Doctor...?' on the B side. The original version of the song was released on the 'Purple Records' label (and later on BBC Records) in 1972 although with a different B Side.