Celestial Toybox: Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Jon Pertwee 

Sonic Screwdriver 

Released: 2010
Cost: £20

Rereate Carnival of Monsters with your own Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver. This large packaging contains an item that probably should have been released in 1974 - sadly the toybox is too old to play with this one!

Doctor Who Tod den Daleks!

Jon Pertwee 

Book  Books  Foreign Books 

Released: 1990
Cost: 7,80 DM

This is a P/B version from Germany of 'Death to the Daleks'. It was produced in 1990 and has the original 1978 UK cover by Roy Knipe.

Doctor Who Video: Planet of the Spiders

Jon Pertwee 


Released: 1991

This item was released in 1991 as a double cassette release. In a bumper sized box the Doctor met his demise battling a giant spider. But the fans were not happy. Why couldn't we squeeze 6 episodes onto one tape? Impossible came the reply!

Doctor Who Video: The Mind of Evil

Jon Pertwee 


Released: 1998

Why isn't this one in colour? This bumper boxed edition was released in 1998 with some additional colour sequences that the BBC owned (an early extra!). The VHS cover evokes memories of the target book cover - orange, missiles and a master!