Celestial Toybox: Matt Smith

Doctor Who Milk Chocolate

Matt Smith 

Confectionary  Food 

Released: 2013

Doctor Who and chocolate. What a tasty combination for the 50th anniversary, or indeed, any time.

The producers, 'Bon Bon Buddies' also made a 'One Direction' branded version of the same chocolate bar. But who cares?

Doctor Who Prom 2010 Programme

Matt Smith 


Released: 2010
Cost: £3

For those lucky enough to attend the BBC Prom in July 2010, a programme was available. This is one variant of a number of programmes given the Smartie Dalek treatment!

Doctor Who Socks

Matt Smith 

Dalek  Socks 

Released: 2010
Cost: £5

Have 2 cotton daleks on your feet! The whole idea is awful! Just as well these are for adult sizing!

Doctor Who Stickers

Matt Smith 

Karen Gillan  Stickers  Tardis 

Released: 2010
Cost: 50p

There are 6 stickers in this pack from Topps Stickers.