Celestial Toybox: Sarah Jane

Doctor Who Laserdisc

Paul McGann 

Sarah Jane  Tom Baker 

Released: 1996
Cost: £21

In the year Paul McGann became the Doctor Encore released laserdisc versions of three stories. This is one of them. Laserdiscs were the size of LP records.

Doctor Who Magazine: Sarah Jane Special

The Wilderness Years 1990-1995 

Magazine  Sarah Jane 

Released: 1992
Cost: £2.50

In 1992 Doctor Who Magazine recognises the wonderful Sarah Jane in this special publication!

Doctor Who Solo-Play Adventure Game

Colin Baker 

Peri  Sarah Jane  Tom Baker 

Released: 1986
Cost: $4

FASA released these 2 books in 1986.

Doctor Who Transfer Set

Tom Baker 

Dalek  Sarah Jane 

Released: 1976
Cost: 55p

This item from 1976 was produced to show the Dalek Invasion of London and was produced by Letraset.