Celestial Toybox: Sea Devil

Dapol: A Silurian

The Wilderness Years 1997-2004 

Action Figure  Sea Devil  Silurians  The Cave-Monsters 

Released: 1998
Cost: £5.49

This cave monster was released in 1998 and shows a Silurian from the story Warriors of the Deep.

Doctor Who - The Silurians

Jon Pertwee 

Elizabeth Shaw  Sea Devil  Silurians  The Cave-Monsters 

Released: 1992
Cost: £2.99

Released by Virgin with a blue spine, this novel was renamed in 1992 to Doctor Who - The Silurians, away from its original book title. Still technically incorrect though, as it misses the words 'and' and 'the'. Minor quibble!

Radio Times 10th Anniversary Special

Jon Pertwee 

Cyberman  Dalek  Magazine  Sea Devil 

Released: 1973 (in the UK)
Cost: 30p (in the UK) $1.40 (in NZ)

This was a special wasn't it? The first time we had story titles for old Doctor Who stories (although from the BBC paperwork) and a preview of a new series (Season 11). This was repeated by the RT in 1983 and in 2010 to celebrate the 10th Doctor. This cover in the picture is unique as it features the cover from the New Zealand edition, sponsored by Levi! This has got to be rare - hasn't it? (note the bottom right corner)

The Amazing World of Doctor Who Cards

Tom Baker 

Annual  Cyberman  Dalek  Sarah Jane  Sea Devil  Tardis 

Released: 1976
Cost: Free - 1 Card in 36 bags, 2 in 72 bags, 4 in 144 bags

Third promotion in the modernism that is the Trading Card, following on from the 1964 Cadet cards and the Sky Ray cards (1967). These cards came with Typhoo Tea bag boxes and there were 12 to collect. The 12 then went on a wall chart. There was an accompanying annual type book with this series too.