Celestial Toybox: Tom Baker

Doctor Who Action Figure

Tom Baker 

Action Figure 

Released: 1977
Cost: £2.95

What is this, the original Character Option! But not the Doctor, rather Gambit (The New Avengers) headed in a scarf. Still very desirable, then and now.

Doctor Who Action Figure: The Tardis

Tom Baker 

Action Figure  Tardis 

Released: 1977
Cost: £5.95

Produced by Denys Fisher this Tardis went with your Gambit headed Doctor and Leela (with a Louise Jameson head) and the other figures in this range such as the Cyberman.

Doctor Who and the Dalek Omnibus

Tom Baker 

Books  Daleks 

Released: 1976
Cost: £1.99

Here is an example of a large format book containing abridged versions of 2 Dalek stories. It was published under the 'St Michael' brand making it a Marks and Spencer exclusive.

Doctor Who Annual

Tom Baker  Peter Davison 

Annual  Books 

Released: 1981
Cost: £2.25

The history of Doctor Who Annuals dates back to 1965 with a h/b annual being released until Annual 1986. Marvel Comics picked up the Doctor Who Annual notion in 1991 with a Doctor Who Yearbook which ran for 5 editions. The new series started annuals again with Annual 2006.