Celestial Toybox: Tom Baker

Doctor Who Solo-Play Adventure Game

Colin Baker 

Peri  Sarah Jane  Tom Baker 

Released: 1986
Cost: $4

FASA released these 2 books in 1986.

Doctor Who Talking Book

Tom Baker 

Adric  Audiobook  Books  Full Circle  Target Books 

Released: 1981
Cost: £2.25

This item was released in 1981 read from the novel by Terrance Dicks. Following on from a trend of covering stories in Season 18 (see Viewmaster) but in a different ways Tom Baker reads this story onto cassette. This tape is backed by a book shaped piece of card. Odd.

Doctor Who Tin

Tom Baker 


Released: 1980
Cost: £1.65

This item has many uses - for tea, pencils, weetabix cards! The list goes on and on. Made of tin by Avon UK, this item was later substituted with a Fifth Doctor photograph (1982)

Doctor Who Transfer Set

Tom Baker 

Dalek  Sarah Jane 

Released: 1976
Cost: 55p

This item from 1976 was produced to show the Dalek Invasion of London and was produced by Letraset.