Celestial Toybox: William Hartnell

Dalek Cutta-Mastic

William Hartnell 


Released: 1966

This is a small boxed version of the larger toy released in 1964. This toy was released by Bell Toys in 1966.

Dalek Invasion of Earth!

William Hartnell 

Dalek  Video 

Released: 2001
Cost: $19

Released in the USA, this video represents one of many versions of this film on video.

Dalek Money Box

William Hartnell 

Dalek  Money Box 

Released: 1965
Cost: 6s 9d

This Dalek Money Box was released in 1965. Although the money box is not a great representation of a Dalek, the packaging is great. If used, the money was inserted into the Dalek dome and comes with three Dalek attachments (the eye, plunger and gun). The Dalek itself is silver.

Doctor Who Action Figure: The First Doctor

William Hartnell 

Action Figure  Character Options 

Released: 2010
Cost: £25

This is an example of an exclusive Forbidden Planet action figure released in May 2010.