TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 2 Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to Nigel Robinson's TARDIS quiz in the most recent edition:

1. Helen A (The Happiness Patrol)

2. Kane’s in Dragonfire

3. A chair, or, more specifically, one of the seven deadly chairs in the Celestial Toymaker’s domain

4. The Happiness Patrol

5. Tltoxl and Autloc in The Aztecs

6. With killer insects

7, Ace (Survival)

8, In Dalek when he saw a Cyberman’s head in Van Statten’s museum

9. They planned to eat her in Paradise Towers

10. The titles of two episodes of John Lucarotti’s unsuccessful submission for Season 12

11. Anneke Wills who played Polly

12. The Kangs in Paradise Towers

13. The Meddling Monk

14. Midge’s baby sister (Survival)

15. A Krynoid pod

16. Sergeant Arnold. We next encountered the Great Intelligence in The Snowmen

17. Bees (Delta and the Bannermen)

18. Ace (Ghostlight)

19. The Psychic Circus (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

20. The Tollmaster (Delta and the Bannermen)

21. An image of herself in schoolgirl’s outfit on the day her mother died

22. A small child on Iceworld

23. A programme whose title began with the syllable “Doc-“ (we never heard the title)

24. The Silver Nemesis

25. Vulpana

26. The Seventh Doctor, as Doris, Ace and Shou were taking Bessie for a ride

27. Jo Grant in Terror of the Autons

28. The Eighth Doctor in The Night of the Doctor

29. Mel

30. Clara Oswald in The Name of the Doctor

31. The Twelfth Doctor (The Magician’s Apprentice/ The Witch’s Familiar)

32. Runcible (also known as Runcible the Fatuous)

33. Kroagnon

34. The Ninth Doctor and Margaret Blaine (Boomtown)

35. The Tenth Doctor and the Meta-Crisis Doctor (as described by Donna in Journey’s End)

36. The Zygons’ attempt to take over Earth (described as such by the Seventh Doctor in Remembrance of the Daleks)

37. The Doctor. The Master discovered the secret of the Doctor’s true origins (The Timeless Children)

38. Romulus and Remus

39. The Zygons (The Power of Three)

40. Homo Sapiens (in The Ark in Space)

What Links:

1. Julia Smith: she directed The Smugglers and The Underwater Menace and co-created EastEnders

2. Leslie Grantham. He played Kiston in Resurrection of the Daleks and Den Watts in EastEnders. (Also director Matthew Robinson was director and executive producer on EastEnders)

3. The actor John Ringham played all three parts

4. Jean Marsh played all three characters in The Crusade, The Daleks’ Master Plan, and Battlefield

5. Kevin Stoney who appeared as Mavic Chen, Tobias Vaughn, and Tyrum

6. They were all played by actress Wanda Ventham

7. Each one featured a double of the Doctor

8. They played the Master in respectively The Keeper of Traken, The TV Movie (for a few seconds at the very beginning when the Master is being sentenced by the Daleks); and The Deadly Assassin

9. The actor Philip Madoc who played Eelek, the War Lord, Solon and Fenner in the respective stories

10. They were four of the 27 planets taken by the Daleks and Davros to construct the Reality Bomb (The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End)