CT Issue 518

This issue is now at the printers and celebrates 45 years of our Society.

I am very grateful to those who share their experiences of fans; Colin Baker, Katy Manning, Matt Lucas, Anneke Wills, Stephen Wyatt, Edward Russell, Sophie Aldred and Louise Jameson

Also this issue, Cary Woodward shares with us the circumstances that led to the popular 'Regenerations' conventions in Swansea, Bruce McGilligan reviews the appearance of coconuts in the show (of course), Paul Watts talks about writing his book on 'Star Cops' and the Doctor Who connections, Michael Asher reviews the changing character of the Doctor in the first of a two part item, and we look forward to the start of the ninth Doctor audio range from Big Finish.

Also this month, members can enter a competition to win one of the latest ninth Doctor Big Finish box sets and we launch our 45th Anniversary Commemorative Coins.

With stunning front and back covers by Kevin Mullen and Karen Davies, I hope this will be a fitting anniversary edition.