CT 543/4

Celestial Toyroom issue 543/4 is at the printers. This is our summer double issue. Contents include:

The Rescue - A Ghost Story
The Daemons Through Space and Time
Fake Horror or Folk Horror? Torchwood Countrycide
Cool Things - Horror of Fang Rock
Digging up the Dirt - Reassessing K9 and Company
The Chimes of Midnight Strike Again
Witchfinders, Horror and the Fendahl
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Monstrous Motives - Folk Horror Villains
Wrap around cover by Andy Lambert

Plus, every reader who receives CT as part of their membership subscription will receive a free postcard in our on-going range. This one is based on Horror of Fang Rock and is by Tim Keable

This month's editor is Jez Strickley