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CT 519

Celestial Toyroom issue 519 is at the printers.

Contents this issue include:

A Few of my Favourite Plot Holes and Other Inconsistencies
Bridging the Generation Gap
Confessions of a Doctor Who Obsessed Journalist
Definitely Not Science Fiction
Lockdown - A Doctor Who Fan's Survival Guide
The Gay of the Doctor
Tragedy of the Cybermen

The editor this month is Rik Moran

CT 518

Celestial Toyroom issue 518, celebrating 45 Years of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, is now in production.

Contents include:

Fans and Colin Baker
Fans and Katy Manning
Fans and Matt Lucas
Fans and Anneke Wills
Starting Regenerations
Fans, the Whizzkid and Stephen Wyatt
Fans and Edward Russell
Christopher Eccleston Returns
Evolution of the Doctor Episode 1
The Ties That Bind Us
Fans and Sophie Aldred
Fans and Louise Jameson
The Screaming Jungle
Anniversary Coins Offer (online ordering available now)
Big Finish 9th Doctor Box Set Competition
Big Finish Downloads

The editor this month is Paul Winter
Front cover by Kevin Mullen

CT 517

Celestial Toyroom issue 517 is now in production.

The editor this month is Stephen Hatcher.

Contents include:

An Abbreviated Life
Our Jodie
The Obverse Side: CT talks to Stuart Douglas of Obverse Books
Birth of a Fan - A journey Into Terror
Mark of a Great Actor - Mark Bonnar
P.R.O.B.E Returns!
If Only... A Conversation about Season 22 (that never happened)
Return of the Pudding Brains
Twenty-Five Years of 'Life With Magrs'

We anticipate distribution will begin in the last week of April.

CT 516

Celestial Toyroom issue 516 is at the printers. Contents this month include:

Whose Planet is it Anyway?
The Sontaran Foundation
Cool Things: The War Machines
Bell-Bottom Humour and Cocktails - An Appreciation of Ben and Polly
Time's Chump!
Doctor Booze - Pubs in Doctor Who
David Bailie Remembered
Taren Capel: Portrait of Fear

Members will also receive a free postcard in our ongoing series. This time - The War Machines

Editor - Alan Stevens