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Celestial Toyroom issue 547 is being delivered to members.

Contents include:

Society Announcements
The return of The Star Beast
“Life is more fun if you play games.”
Reviews of the 60th specials
Doom's Day 2.0: Midday madness
Comic reviews
David Richardson: The Once & Future King
Once & Future perfect?
Off the record: Redacted
“Exquisite. Absolutely exquisite.”
Target and Me: Growing up with literary Who
On Target: Reviews of recent releases
The TARDIS Library: Book reviews
Convention Confidential
Carole Ann Ford: Many happy returns
Cool Things: The Five Doctors
I’m a Barbie girl in a sci-fi world: Finding Doctor Who
The New Adventurers - Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible Part One

CT Editor: James Ashworth


Celestial Toyroom issue 546 is being delivered to members.

Contents include:
Celestial Toyroom: Under new management
Cruisin’ for a 24-hour bruisin’
Doom's Day: In the early hours
1n th3 m0bile d1mens1on
The degeneration game is afoot!
David Richardson: Sounding out a story
The stories that bind us: The Target Book Club
TARDIS hunting in the North East
Cool Things: Fury from the Deep

CT Editor: James Ashworth

CT 545

Celestial Toyroom issue 545 is at the printers.

Contents include:

All About the Wordplay
Am I Still a Doctor Who Fan?
Castrovalva: From the Start
Goronwy: A Man Out of Time?
Retrospective: Doctor Who and the Players
The Medium of Time Travel
The War Doctor
Looking Forward to November and Beyond

This month's editor is Stephen Hatcher

CT 543/4

Celestial Toyroom issue 543/4 is at the printers. This is our summer double issue. Contents include:

The Rescue - A Ghost Story
The Daemons Through Space and Time
Fake Horror or Folk Horror? Torchwood Countrycide
Cool Things - Horror of Fang Rock
Digging up the Dirt - Reassessing K9 and Company
The Chimes of Midnight Strike Again
Witchfinders, Horror and the Fendahl
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Monstrous Motives - Folk Horror Villains
Wrap around cover by Andy Lambert

Plus, every reader who receives CT as part of their membership subscription will receive a free postcard in our on-going range. This one is based on Horror of Fang Rock and is by Tim Keable

This month's editor is Jez Strickley