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CT 493

Celestial Toyroom issue 493 is in production.

Contents include:

Big Finish on the Radio
Eighth Doctor Audios
Effects of the Time War
I Like the Eighth Doctor Best
Arrival of Lucie Miller

Editor - Rik Moran
extended page count

CT 492

CT 492 is in production. Content includes:

Ryan, Dyspraxia and Me
Sunday Night and Saturday Mourning
The Doctor's Age
Doctor Who and the Race Reaction on Twitch
Missing Episodes - The Story That Never Lies Down
We're In This Together
Series 11 Overview and Looking to Series 12
Waiting for Season 12
The Screaming Jungle

Increased page count

Editor - Rik Moran

CT 491

Celestial Toyroom issue 491 is in production. Contents include:

Barbecue of the Daleks
Doctor Clueless
Paradigm Dissection
Paperback Listener
1977 - A Long Time Ago....
The Black Archive - Love & Monsters
Cool Things - Battlefield
Colour wrap-around cover and increased page count

This month's editor - Alan Stevens

CT 490

Celestial Toyroom issue 490 is in production.

Contents include:

In Two Minds About Rose
Dalek: When Rose Came of Age
Waiting for Rose: Guy Adams
The Moment
Rose - Beginnings and Endings
Rose Tyler: A Chat
Monstrous Motives
Rose Tyler is a Great Character because...
The Screaming Jungle

Editor - Ian Wheeler