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CT 488/9

Celestial Toyroom issue 488/9 is in production. This issue will be our traditional end of year double, running to 44 pages.

Contents include:

Hartnell Plaque Review
The Hartnell Years Overview - Ian McLachlan looks back at his Favourite Era
Twice Upon a Time - A Spiritual View by Colin Midlane
Religion and Ethics in Classic Who - An Atheist's Viewpoint from Simon Wellings
My DVD Memories - Brendan Sheppard discusses Making the DVD Extras
History of the Doctor Who Reconstructions - Patrick Furlong revisits one of our favourite obsessions
Jodie Arrives - Dana Lucas tells us what the new Doctor means to her
Colour cover with images by Kevin Mullen and Charles Waples

This month's editor is Paul Winter

CT 487

Celestial Toyroom issue 487 is now in production.

This issue features:

A Time Lady's Perspective
Are Fan Clubs Relevant?
At The Capitol
A Farewell to Jacqueline Pearce
Michael Pickwoad - Farewell
The Screaming Jungle Returns
The Shada Special
Making Shada 2017
Sons of Skaro
Tne Day That Derby Became the Centre of the Universe
Full colour wraparound cover by Colin Howard

This month's editor - Rik Moran

CT 486

Celestial Toyroom issue 486 is in production. This edition is a 'Stage Plays' special. The editor is Ian Wheeler.

Contents include:

Curse of the Daleks
Interview: Nicholas Briggs
Q&A: Rob Lloyd
Doctor Who Live!
Recalling Recall UNIT
Robots of Death
The Ultimate Adventure
Interview: Nick Scovell
Seven Keys to Doomsday
Increased page count

CT 484/5

Celestial Toyroom issue 484/5 is our traditional Summer double and is edited by Alan Stevens.

This issue includes:

The Excellence of Earthshock
A Day Trip to Logopolis
Dalek Art
Folk Memory of the Daleks
Rose No More
The Doctor's Kill List
Cool Things - Keys of Marinus
Full Colour Wraparound Cover
Free Postcard in our Ongoing Series

Distribution for this July/August edition is expected to take place w/c 20th August 2018.