Previous CT issues

CT 462/3

The 40th Anniversary Edition of CT, issue 462/3 is now at the printer. Contents include:

40 Not Out
The President Speaks - Colin Baker
40 years - What It Means to Me
From the Death Zone
Everyone's Time and Space
DWAS - 40 Years On
Fuelled by the Soul
Goodness Me
Memories of DWAS
My Capitol Memories
Never More a Butterfly
Shooty Dog Thing at the DWAS
Keeping On
Michael Sheard Remembered
Puzzle Time
Anniversary Messages
Extended Page Count
Colour Front and Rear Cover

CT 461

Celestial Toyroom issue 461 is in production. Contents include:

Don't Stop Creating - Comment
Baptism of Fire? - Article
Chris Achilleos - Interview
Cool Things - The Visitation
The Key to Time, Perfect Medication - Article
Monstrous Motives - The Rani
The Millennium Whovian
An Unearthly Child - Poem

CT 460

CT 460 is in production. Contents include

Poem - The Husbands of River Song
Cool Things - Time-Flight
Fan, Know Thyself
The Millennium Whovian
Lost and Found - Peri and Her Doctor
One (Mad) Man and His Box
40th Anniversary Merchandise Promotion
Front Cover by Simon A Brett
Rear Cover by Richard Young


Ct 459

Celestial Toyroom issue 459 is in preparation. Contents our of 'Michael Sheard Special' include:

His Ark Was In It
When Michael Played the Doctor (Sort Of)
The Gift of Humanity
The Visible Hero
Mergrave Matters
The Eventual Headmaster
Revisiting the Stones
Moving On