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CT 503

Celestial Toyroom issue 503 is in preparation. Contents include:

The Silurians - The Various Returns of Earth's Original Tenants
Monstrous Motives - Winifred Gillyflower
Unit Recalled!
The Wright Stuff - Interview
Too PC or Not PC?
Holiday Who
The Screaming Jungle
Colour Cover

This month's editor is Ian Wheeler

CT 502

Celestial Toyroom issue 502 is now in production. Contents include:

The Black Archive - Author interviews by Stuart Douglas
DVDs of Future Past - Brendan Sheppard Considers Future Reconstructions
The Museum of Classic SciFi - Simon Horton Pays a Visit
Examining Class - Why Did It Fail? - Raphael Kiyani considers
In Conversation with Chris Chapman - What Goes into the Blu-Ray Collections?
The Screaming Jungle
Increased Page Count

Editor - Paul Winter

CT 500/1

Celestial Toyroom reaches 500 issues. 500!

This special edition of the magazine (issue 500/501) is guest edited by John Freeman, and we are very grateful for his time and effort. John was editor of Doctor Who Magazine in the 1990s, so now he has bene at the helm of two great Doctor Who publications.

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Contents include:

From The President

500 Not Out

Celestial Toyroom – The Early Days

Looking Back Celestial Toyroom’s First Editor

Doctor Who: An Inspiration

The Annual Artist’s View

An Early Subscriber

The Fan Activity Forum

Celestial Toyroom – A Doctor Who Lifeline

The Threat

An Artist’s View

Happy Times and Places

Borders, episodes counts and artwork, my time in the CT chair

The Screaming Jungle


Celestial Toyroom – Your Magazine

Why Drawing Doctor Who is a Delight

Celebrating Televisions Greatest Magician

Doctor Who As I Saw It

Colour cover by Alister Pearson

CT 499

Celestial Toyroom issue 499 is in production. Contents include:

The Capitol IV
Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor
Capitol IV Event Reviews
Lisa Greenwood In Conversation
Modern Fandom
Tzim Sha and Doctor Who
Putting Fans First
Davros and the Daleks, Leela and Iris and More
The Screaming Jungle

Editor - Rik Moran

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