Previous CT issues

CT 484/5

Celestial Toyroom issue 484/5 is our traditional Summer double and is edited by Alan Stevens.

This issue includes:

The Excellence of Earthshock
A Day Trip to Logopolis
Dalek Art
Folk Memory of the Daleks
Rose No More
The Doctor's Kill List
Cool Things - Keys of Marinus
Full Colour Wraparound Cover
Free Postcard in our Ongoing Series

Distribution for this July/August edition is expected to take place w/c 20th August 2018.

CT 483

Celestial Toyroom issue 483 is now in production. The editor is Allan Lear.

Contents include:

From the Death Zone
Days of Future Past
Confessions of a Convention Chauffeur
Thrice Upon a Time
Through the Lens
One Day, I Will Go Back
Capitol 3
Father and Child Reunion
The Invisible Man
Joining the Management
Capitol 3 Photo Montage
Cover by Charles Waples

This magazine is expected to be distributed in the second week of July. Following this the next magazine will be our Summer double issue number 484/5, due early August and then issue 486 in September.

CT 482

Celestial Toyroom issue 482 is now in production. Contents include:

1987: A Season in Hell
The 'Isms': Capitalism and Socialism in Doctor Who
Cool Things - The Sunmakers
Deadly Cuddly: A (Qualified) Defence of Beep the Meep
Doctor Who and the Power of Three
They Deserve Better - Why Saddling Companions with Boyfriends Doesn't Work for Me
The Nightmare Child
Wraparound Cover
Increased Page Count

Members will also receive a further colour postcard in our going series with this issue.

This month's editor is Alan Stevens

CT 481

CT issue 481 is in production. The editor this month is Allan lear.

Contents include:

Female Characters in Classic Who
Women in Who - Verity Lambert
Women in Who - Deborah Watling
Echoes Through Time - Ace
You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?
Cool Things - An Adventure in Time and Space
The Wrong Foot
A Wider Net
Women in the Whoniverse