Previous CT issues

CT 481

CT issue 481 is in production. The editor this month is Allan lear.

Contents include:

Female Characters in Classic Who
Women in Who - Verity Lambert
Women in Who - Deborah Watling
Echoes Through Time - Ace
You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?
Cool Things - An Adventure in Time and Space
The Wrong Foot
A Wider Net
Women in the Whoniverse

CT 480

Celestial Toyroom issue 480 is at the printers.

The guest editor this month is Stephen Hatcher and the theme is 'Things to do Whilst Doctor Who is Off the Air'.

Contents include:

Relish the Moment - Pausing for Time
Come Out and Say Hello - Not a Con
Do the Marathon Thing - Pheidippides Died
Watch Something Else - You Might Also Like…
Come and Be Sociable - Join a Doctor Who Fan Group
Become a Doctor
Rummage through those Annuals - The Doctor Who Annual 1985 revisited
Go Back to an Old Favourite - Monstrous Motives – Vorg and the Officials of Inter Minor – Shades of Ignorance
Catch up with Big Finish
Peter Miles Remembered

CT 479

Celestial Toyroom issue 479 is now in production. This issue features:

The Man from UNIT
The Wealth of Nation - Snapshots from a Meeting With the Dalek Creator
Cool Things - The Stolen Earth and Journey's End
Age Before Beauty
Found in Translation
Sometimes the Pattern is More Obvious
Full Colour Wraparound Cover by Andy Lambert
Increased Page Count

This month's guest editor is Alan Stevens.

CT 478

CT issue 478 is in production. This month's Guest Editor is Ian Wheeler.

Contents include:

The Ice Warriors - analysis
The Seeds of Death
Monstrous Motives - Hepesh and Eckersley
Cool Things - The Curse of Peladon
The Monster of Peladon
Cold War
Empress of Mars
The Hive of Activity - Making Empress of Mars
Q and A with Yee Jee Tso
Movie Poster page
Extra Page Count

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