Previous CT issues

CT 476/7

The double issue for Christmas and the New Year (November/December) is now in production. This is a 'Regeneration Special' and contents include:

Change Becomes the Norm
Doctor Who: The Next Generation
It's No Game: A Meditation on Planet of the Spiders
Hit for Four
The Death of a Friend
Talkin' 'Bout Regeneration
A Good Run
Perfect Reality
Totally The End of Time
Eleven's Hour is Over Now
Scott Fredericks: A Remembrance
All Resistance is Useless: Remembering Victor Pemberton
Colour Cover
Increased Page Count

The magazine includes a special contribution from Colin Baker

The front cover image is by Richard Young and the back cover image by Andy Hackett.

Distribution is expected before Christmas

CT 475

CT issue 475 is in preparation. Contents include:

Comfort Who
The Invasion – Deleted Scene!
In Defence of Packer (to a Point)
Something Very Special
Ian Fairbairn – a Useful Actor
The Mnym, Myam, Mynom, Myown Cybermen…
Shooty Dog and The Invasion

CT 474

CT 474 is in production.

Featuring contributions from both fans and colleagues, the issue pays tribute to the late Deborah Watling.

CT 473

Celestial Toyroom issue 473 is in production. Contents include:

Reactions from Facebook
Cardiff Set Visit
Fake Abbots and Fifth Planets
Is There Such a Thing as an “Instant Classic”?
The Millennium Whovian – The Eighth Doctor
Second Chance: Destiny of the Daleks
Shrapnel – Part 5
The Transcendental Lunchbox
Remembering Trevor Baxter
Deborah Watling: 1948 - 2017