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CT 507

Celestial Toyroom issue 507 is now in production. Contents include:

A Cheerful Tweeting in the Darkness
Blank Video Who?
Doctor Who and the Triffids, The Kraken, The Chrysalids and So Much More....
Visualising Time and Space
Remembrance of Time Lords Past
Season 26 Revisited on Shiny Blu Ray
RTD v Moffat: Who's the Greatest?
Dimensions in Space
Colour Covers by Paul Cooke and Andrew-Mark Thompson

This month's editor - Stephen Hatcher

CT 506

Celestial Toyroom issue 506 is being prepared for despatch to members. This issue has a 'Robots of Death' theme to tie in with the Black Archive Books release (by Fiona Moore) on the same story.

Contents include:

Cool Things - The Face of Evil
David Collings Remembered
Tournament of Shadows
Vocs Populi
Expressionism and The Robots of Death
The Effect of Competing Narratives
Wraparound Cover

Also included is a free postcard of 'The Robots of Death' by J L Fletcher

This month's editor: Alan Stevens

CT 505

Celestial Toyroom issue 505 will be mailed out week commencing 20th April 2020. Contents will include:

The Making of The Making of ‘Mission to the Unknown’

Thoughts on Series 12 & Beyond

In Conversation with Mandip Gill

A Masterful Ending?

Why ‘The Timeless Children’ Does Not Erase the Past

It’s Not Just Timelords Who Regenerate

The Screaming Jungle

Editor is Rik Moran

CT 504

The next issue of Celestial Toyroom is in production.

Contents include:

Master Who?
The Trial of Doctor Who
Cool Things - The Mind of Evil
Strike Me Pink - The Role of the Police in Classic Doctor Who
Wrap-around Cover
Free Colour Postcard for subscribers
Extra Pages

This month's editor - Alan Stevens