Interview - Gerry Davis

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Gerry Davis (23 February 1930 - 31 August 1991) was a British television writer, best known for his contributions to the science-fiction genre. He also wrote for the soap operas Coronation Street and United! From 1966 until the following year he was the script editor on Doctor Who, for which he co-created the popular cybernetic monsters the Cybermen, who returned to the series on several occasions. His fellow co-creator of these creatures was the programme's unofficial scientific adviser Dr. Kit Pedler, and following their work on Doctor Who, the pair teamed up again in 1970 when they created a science-fiction programme of their own, Doomwatch. This interview touches on many of these themes and clearly the Cybermen are at its heart.


Publication: TARDIS
Issue number: Vol 3 No. 4/5
Year: 1982


Gerry Davis (Subject)
Jan Vincent-Rudzki (Writer)
Stephen Payne (Writer)