The John Wiles Interview - Part 1

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John Wiles (20 September 1925-5 April 1999) was a television writer and producer, now best known for being the second producer of Doctor Who, succeeding Verity Lambert. He was credited as producer on four serials between 1965 and 1966, namely The Myth Makers, The Daleks' Master Plan (which lasted for twelve episodes), The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, and The Ark. Only The Ark, and three episodes of The Daleks' Master Plan, still survive in the BBC's archives. As Wiles chose not to employ John Cura and his telesnaps service, there is very little visual record left of his time on Doctor Who. Luckily his words survive in this interview.


Publication: TARDIS
Issue number: Vol 5 No. 6
Year: 1981


John Wiles (Subject)
Ian K McLachlan (Writer)