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Director Douglas Camfield originally considered Courtney for the role of Richard the Lionheart in The Crusade (1965), a role that ultimately went to Julian Glover, but kept Courtney in mind for future casting. His first appearance in Doctor Who was in the 1965 serial The Daleks' Master Plan, directed by Camfield, where he played Space Security Agent Bret Vyon opposite William Hartnell as the Doctor. Camfield liked Courtney's performance, and when the director was assigned the 1968 serial The Web of Fear, he cast Courtney as Captain Knight. However, when David Langton gave up the role of Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart to work elsewhere, Camfield recast Captain Knight and gave the part to Courtney instead! History was made!

'The Companion Volume' was just the second-ever special publication from DWAS, and was released by the Reference Department under Jeremy Bentham in 1977. In a time when information about the show's past was scare, this lavishly illustrated book was well received by members.

It contained articles about each of the Doctor's companions from Susan to the then current incumbent Leela. Each feature contained information about the companion in question's time with the Doctor and, with a spot of artistic licence, details about what a number of them did before, or indeed after their travels


Publication: Companion Volume
Year: 1977


Jeremy Bentham (article)
Stuart Glazebrook (artwork)