Previous CT issues

CT 442

Contents include:

K9 Series Retrospective
Visit to the DWAS Archive
Let It Go!
It's A Thing! - series 8 part 2
Interview - Chris Jury
Monstrous Motives - Morbius and The Wire
Interview - Bob Baker
Classic Badges Promotion
Colour Cover

CT 441

Contents will include:

The Day of the Doctor - Reboot
Circular Connections and Regenerations
The Return of Reeltime Pictures
Behind the Convention Scene
It's a Thing!
Interview - Colin Spaull
Dear DWAS - Last Christmas
Second Chance - Underworld
Verity Lambert Heritage Plaques - Special Offer
Time Travel TV

CT 439/40

The next CT will be the traditional Christmas double issue. Contents include:

A Convention-al Marriage
Interview - Christopher Guard
Cool Things - The Telemovie With No Name
Cosmic Cocktail
Christmas, Who and Me
Not-So Christmas Tales
Christmas Wouldn't be Christmas Without....
And Cut It... Now! The Christmas Invasion
Interview - Mark Strickson
The Fan View
The Doric Column
Colour Cover

Distribution is expected before Christmas

CT 438

Contents include:

Second Chances - The Power of Kroll
Monstrous Motives - Van Statten and Solomon
Cool Things - The Reign of Terror
The Generation Game - the Trip of a Life Time
Vote - The Silurians
The Companion is Always....
Farewell to Jane Baker, Michael Kerrigan and Angus Lennie
Dear DWAS - Robot of Sherwood
Colour cover