Previous CT issues

CT 438

Contents include:

Second Chances - The Power of Kroll
Monstrous Motives - Van Statten and Solomon
Cool Things - The Reign of Terror
The Generation Game - the Trip of a Life Time
Vote - The Silurians
The Companion is Always....
Farewell to Jane Baker, Michael Kerrigan and Angus Lennie
Dear DWAS - Robot of Sherwood
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CT 437

Contents will include:

Colin Baker - Speaks About Jane Baker
Dalek Trifle - recipe and competition
Article - Real Regeneration
Article Machine Gun Etiquette
Article A Quartet of Reasons
Review - Trundle in the Jungle
Dear DWAS - your views on 'Deep Breath'
The Corinthian Column

CT 435/436

Cool Things - Daleks In Manhattan
Daleks in Yorkshire
Interview - Dan Barratt
History of the Daleks - Spin-Off Media
Day of the Daleks
Best of British - The Third Dalek Movie
Vote - The Daleks
Fiction - The Solution
The Fan View
The Doctor Who World Tour 2014
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CT 434

Contents include:

Article - A Metaphor by Any Other Name..
Article - Real Regeneration
Fiction - Nine Times Three
Article - To Spoil or Not to Spoil
Vote - The Master
Previously in CT - The Age of the Train
The Corinthian Column
Remembering Verity Lambert