Celestial Toybox: Game

500 Piece Puzzle - Special Anniversary Edition

Matt Smith 

Game  Jigsaw 

Released: 2013
Cost: £6.99

This jigsaw is one a range of jigsaws produced for the 50th anniversary. This jigsaw shows the image used by the BFi to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. Other images were available such as a montage of villains and the Cybermen through the decades.

6th Doctor Jigsaw

Colin Baker 

Game  Jigsaw  Jigsaw Puzzle 

Cost: £1.99

This 200 piece jigsaw shows the Doctor and the Tardis. There were 2 jigsaws in this series from Arrow Jigsaws.

Doctor Who Game

Matt Smith 


Released: 2010
Cost: £20

Join the Doctor and Amy Pond for a race through space and time with this game from 2010. Beware though. The 11th Doctor's enemies are right behind!

Doctor Who Game

Tom Baker 


Released: 1980
Cost: £7

A game for 2-6 players was released in 1980.