Membership Rates

UK - six months £13-00, one year £23-00

Europe - six months £15-00 one year £28-00

Worldwide - six months £19-00 one year £35-00


What do I get?

The Society has been in existence over 30 years and was the first Doctor Who fan club to enjoy BBC recognition. These days we operate independently of the Doctor Who production office and offer a range of benefits to our members.

Celestial Toyroom

CT as it is affectionately known is the longest running Doctor Who fanzine in the world, the first edition having been published by the Society in 1976. Today it is the principal journal of the DWAS and is published twelve times a year (with the occasional double issue). We welcome contributions from all our members, whether it be fiction, articles, reviews or letters. We also elicit contributions from well-known writers in fandom to ensure a good balance of content and opinion.


Several times each year, CT will delve into the Society’s archive to find items of interest from years gone by. We are also, slowly but surely, making as much of our archive as possible available to either be viewed or downloaded via our web site. As this on-line archive becomes more comprehensive it will be restricted to members only, though currently access is entirely open.

Local Groups

There are many informal groups across the UK made up of people drawn together from all walks of life by their love of Doctor Who. Many of these are affiliated to our Society and we are pleased to put members in contact with nearby groups.


There is much DW related merchandise available these days, both in stores and via the internet. The Society will endeavour to provide any item of merchandise to you, at a discounted price, delivered to you at no extra cost. As a member please drop us a line with your requirements and we will see what we can do for you. There is no obligation buy. We accept payment by cheque, card and even cash (but please don’t post it!). The Society also produces items of its own and frequently arranges access to signed items for members at no extra charge. Offers are promoted via CT.


We organise Doctor Who related events, to which members can obtain a discounted ticket, and have special arrangements with some other organisers for reduce admission.

Your Questions

We will always try to answer any Doctor Who related questions you may have, whether they relate to the classic or current series, or to books CDs and merchandise. If we can’t answer your question, there is probably someone who can.

Your membership fee entitles you to twelve copies of CT per year, with double issues produced at our discretion. All other member benefits and services are provided at our discretion and are subject to availability Provision of services beyond CT are not part of the membership fee.


Payment by Continuous Card Authority (Futurepay)

We may give you the opportunity to pay for membership and other services by recurring debit/credit card charge (Futurepay). In such circumstances you give your authority for us to charge your card at regular intervals for a set amount. The date, frequency and amount will be notified to you in advance, with at least seven days notice being given of any changes. Typically the period between charges will be monthly, bi-annually or annually. You can cancel this agreement at any time by contacting us at before payment is due. If you give us three working days notice or less, payment may still be taken, but will be refunded to your card once processed. Cancelling a Futurepay agreement does not mean that you do not need to pay in full for goods/services received, subject to our usual refund policy which still applies. Card details will be stored and processed by Worldpay. DWAS will not hold this information itself. Paypal and some card scheme operators do not allow Futurepay agreements. You should never email us your credit/debit card number directly.