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CT531/2 - Alan Stevens

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Here’s a thought...

Doctor Who is always an imperfect shadow of the perfect, ideal image of the programme you have in your head.

CT530 - Jez Strickley

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A Time Traveller’s (Eco) Footprint

By Jez Strickley

“The inventor made the insecticide everlasting.” (Planet of Giants, 1964, Louis Marks)

Pets In Time

To order our latest book, sold to support the RSPCA, please visit our online store:

Join actors, writers and production crew from the world of Doctor Who as they relate moving and hilarious stories about their own very special pets, including contributions from:

The New Doctor

The BBC has today announced Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor set to take charge of the TARDIS.

TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 4

The latest edition of our magazine TARDIS is now available to buy from the DWAS Online Shop - just click the link above to buy.

We celebrate the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and 55 years of the Yeti in issue 4 of Tardis, published in aid of The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Celestial Toyroom Issue 527

The next CT is at the printers. Please click on the banner above for a preview

The Celestial Toyroom Annual 2022

The hardback edition is now available to order from our store. Please visit 'DWAS Shop' from the banner at the top of the page

Goth Opera Artwork by Alister Pearson

We are pleased to auction at our eBay site, a new print by Alister Pearson of his artwork for 'Goth Opera'.

The print is base don the 1994 book cover and has been signed by Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. It is being auctioned din aid of Project Motorhouse

To view the auction and maybe place a bid please visit our eBay site at

'The Underwater Menace' Artwork by Alister Pearson

We are pleased to auction at our eBay site, a new print (just one of two in existence) by Alister Pearson of his recent artwork cover for 'The Underwater Menace'.

TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 3 Quiz Answers

If you have not yet bought the latest issue of TARDIS you may want to avoid this post for the moment….

For everyone else, here are the answers to Nigel Robinson’s latest quiz:

1. The TARDIS (in The Invasion of Time).
2. He remained behind with Leela in The Invasion of Time.
3. Steven Taylor. He thought those were the chances of an Earth ship ever coming to Mechanus (The Chase).