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Toybox update: You can buy the Doctor's Scarf!

Sometimes Doctor Who merchandise zooms past the Toybox, and in the show's 50th year there is certainly a lot of merchandise about. However the detail on this one is incredible - whereas a lesser one might skimp on a few individual stripes, Lovarzi has made sure they’ve created an exact facsimile. I think it's a great addition to the DWAS ToyBox.

The Daleks come to the City of Bath in May

We have heard from The Little Theatre Cinema in Bath who tells us

"Peter Cushing stars as the eccentric Time Lord in Flemyng’s second Who adventure. A befuddled bobby (Cribbins) stumbles into the Tardis and discovers the Doctor, his granddaughter Susan (Tovey) and his niece Louise (Curzon).

Asylum of the Daleks Preview

The DWAS attended the preview of Asylum of the Daleks last night, with the new episode revealing a redesigned title sequence with updated logo. The episode has a running time of 50 minutes. After the episode, a Q&A session took place hosted by BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon, with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Caroline Skinner.

Toybox Tie-in With CT - Matt Smith Special

With the fast approaching release of the next edition of CT, the Toybox also looks back at the Matt Smith era so far with a range of toys and products from most recent times.

Check them out at while you wait for CT to arrive.

Are you a dancing who fan?


Are you a disaster on the dance floor?

Or do you know someone who is a lost cause
when it comes to busting a move?

Princess Productions is looking for groups of the country’s
unlikeliest dancers to take part in a new Sky 1 series
where a superstar dancer will try to teach Brits to dance.


Nothing at the End of the Lane Issue 3 - Fantastic!

Well the latest edition of Richard Bignell's 'Nothing at the end of the Lane' is nothing short of superb. Grab it with two hands before copies sell out last!! This is the type of magazine you want DWM to be, but know in reality would be hard to sustain. Richard's sheer devotion to find out that little bit more on our behalf just shines through on every page. So what makes this issue fantastic?

Data Extract Issue 214

Initially called the Australasian Doctor Who Fan Club, this, the national club, is also the oldest and largest Doctor Who club in Australia, formed in 1976. By 1979, with the visit of Tom Baker to promote the series for the ABC, Doctor Who fandom was increasingly separate from SUSFA and other university based clubs around the country.

Toybox Tie-in With CT

The latest edition of CT is a tribute to the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen. To tie-in with this the Toybox has the pleasure of revealing 4 rare items from its collection.

The most recent items are found at

Enjoy. These are rare!

Doctor Who figures from Series 1 (2005)

The Toybox opens for the 9th Doctor and for a year of a Space Pig and a Gelth!

The most recent items are found at

Let Toybox find your favourite piece of Doctor Who merchandise!

Here at Toybox Towers we love a challenge so for the month of October we want to hear from you. If there is something you would like to see in the Toybox you can request by emailing:

The challenge starts today and runs for 2 weeks. Send your requests by 31st October. Everyone who contributes will get a Toybox mention!