Nothing at the End of the Lane Issue 3 - Fantastic!

Well the latest edition of Richard Bignell's 'Nothing at the end of the Lane' is nothing short of superb. Grab it with two hands before copies sell out last!! This is the type of magazine you want DWM to be, but know in reality would be hard to sustain. Richard's sheer devotion to find out that little bit more on our behalf just shines through on every page. So what makes this issue fantastic?

In this issue we get to meet the original Sarah Jane Smith, illustrated with colour photos.

There is a wonderful 30 page article that looks at The Dark Dimension, the 30th Anniversary multi Doctor story that never was made. There is a fabulous article about the unmade Doctor Who radio serial that was proposed in the 1967. Richard even presents a full script of the episode, written by Malcolm Hulke, the finding of which was covered in The Times on the Saturday before publication.

The Living Planet, one of the first stories proposed to start the series in 1963 is presented here as a four part storyline and has a draft script for the first episode. Published here for the first time are colour photographs taken during the filming of The Smugglers and The Invasion and new black and white photos from The Enemy of the World and Evil of the Daleks (from the TV).

Toybox followers will get a sneaky look at some stand up figures that didn't quite make it to the shops...

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Grab it now!!!!