Toybox update: You can buy the Doctor's Scarf!

Sometimes Doctor Who merchandise zooms past the Toybox, and in the show's 50th year there is certainly a lot of merchandise about. However the detail on this one is incredible - whereas a lesser one might skimp on a few individual stripes, Lovarzi has made sure they’ve created an exact facsimile. I think it's a great addition to the DWAS ToyBox.

It’s warm and really authentic - you feel like the fourth Doctor! The colours are wonderfully bright, and as it’s 100% Acrylic. It’s a considerable 10” (28cm) wide, and a massive 13ft (3.96m) in length and you’re spending nearly £50, then you will certainly get plenty of scarf for your money. The scarf even comes in a plastic carry-case and I’m really impressed with its packaging. Doctor Who merchandise always comes with great packaging!

Just a shame the weather is hotting up but buy this one in preparation for next Autumn at :