Data Extract Issue 214

Initially called the Australasian Doctor Who Fan Club, this, the national club, is also the oldest and largest Doctor Who club in Australia, formed in 1976. By 1979, with the visit of Tom Baker to promote the series for the ABC, Doctor Who fandom was increasingly separate from SUSFA and other university based clubs around the country. The visit by Baker also stimulated a greater level of fan activity in Melbourne and Brisbane with clubs forming there as well. Over the years, as the national club, the DWCA had several name shifts, and a changing number of regional chapters around the country, and a few of these are part of the state based clubs listed in Issue 214. The club still publishes the regular club magazine "Data Extract" which has had an unbroken run of publication since 1980.

Issue 214 is out now and covers the return of the Galaxy 4 and The Underwater Menace episodes. It also contains a very imformative article about UK who locations and coverage about the special Day of the Daleks screenings in Sydney and Melbourne.

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