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Silva Screen - The Specials Soundtrack 10 out of 10

Murray Gold's music for Doctor Who is becoming a celebrated part of the new series. This year's Silva Screen Doctor Who release (October 2010) presents the soundtrack to the 2009 Doctor Who Specials.

We love Sarah Jane Smith!

The toybox almost forget this special Doctor Who Magazine publication from 1992 which looks back over the Time Warrior start to a Fact File finish in the Hand of Fear!

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Sarah Jane items in the toybox as the new series starts on 11th October 2010

The toybox opens its lid for a spin off series today in preparation for the new series of the Sarah Jane Adventures starts on 11th October 2010.

This year the stories are:

1: The Nightmare Man by Joseph Lidster
2: The Vault of Secrets by Phil Ford
3: Death of the Doctor by Russell T Davies
4: The Empty Planet by Gareth Roberts
5: Lost in Time by Rupert Laight

The TV Movie - More Doctor 8!

The toybox this week looks at 1996 and the TV Movie.

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September Toybox looks back at Time and the Rani!

23 years after its original transmission Time and the Rani is released onto DVD. This month the toybox finds three items that illustrate the story in merchandise form.

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Doctor 4 arrives in the Toybox - Five new items added

Was it really a year ago that Tom Baker guested at Riverside for the Time event? Booking for this year's event is still taking place...In the meantime, there are five new items in the toybox. With the 2010 release of Revenge of the Cybermen onto DVD the toybox has found an early release on VHS Video. There is also a tin for your jelly babies and an edited version of The Brian of Morbius.

August 16th: New Seventh Doctor Items ready for Time4

With the Seventh Doctor announced as a guest at Time4 the Toybox dusts off some merchandise with a Seventh Doctor theme. The novelisations of 1990 gave insight into the televised stories of 1988 and 1989 as the classic series drew to a close. The novelisation continued however with Power of the Daleks and Evil of the Daleks in 1993 and the TV Movie in 1996.

New CD will go into the Toybox!

Silva Screen Records will be releasing the new Doctor Who double CD set - Doctor Who Original Music From Series 4: The Specials on 20th September. They will be running a Twitter campaign so if you would like to be the first to find out about the 2 CD set tracklisting and be kept up to date on Silva Screen’s Doctor Who releases please join them on Twitter -

August 10th Opens some new Toybox items!

As the summer continues more 11th Doctor items fill the toybox. The Adipose are back!

The most recently added items can be viewed by clicking here.

August Toybox opens Classic Items!

New items are dragged out of the Toybox today. These include a rare Troughton piece, a jigsaw and every fans dream in 1982 - Wallpaper!!