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Singing in Doctor Who - Update 3!!

We also heard from Jamie File who wrote:

Upon reading the collection of stories to feature songs on the DWAS homepage, my first thought was Death to the Daleks and 'I do like to be beside the sea side' at the beginning as the Doctor and Sarah ready themselves before emerging onto Exxillon.

The Dalek Master Plan - Carol singing
The Gunfighters - The Ballad!

Singing in Doctor Who - UPDATE 2

Toybox has heard from Dale Brotherton who writes:

Just seen your quiz and would like to add a few:

Green Death - BOSS singing/humming
End of Time - Odd singing
Planet of the Odd - Odd singing

You might rule these out. I'll leave it to you!


We heard from Joe and Chris from The Eleventh Hour Podcast (Hi guys!) who write:

Singing in Doctor Who - A Quiz UPDATE

Toybox has heard from ex DWAS co-ordinator Ian Wheeler. Apart from getting very excited about hearing from him, he adds some extra stories to the list. Ian says:

"There is a fair bit of singing from Keff McCulloch and his band in Delta and the Bannermen.

The Ringmaster does a rap-style song in Greatest Show".

So, here is our updated list:

The Dalek Master Plan - Carol singing

Singing in Doctor Who - A quiz

With the repeat of A Christmas Carol about to air on BBC1 here at Toybox Towers we are pondering the number of times there has been some singing in Doctor Who.

Here is our list:

The Dalek Master Plan - Carol singing
The Gunfighters - The Ballad!
Inferno - The Doctor
Terror of the Autons - The Doctor (again)
Curse of Peladon - The Doctor (yet again)

Happy 40th Birthday The Master!

Happy Birthday to you!

When the Master first appeared in January 1971 he was played by Roger Delgado, who continued in the role until his death in 1973. Afterwards, Peter Pratt and Geoffrey Beevers played a physically decayed version of the Time Lord until Anthony Ainley assumed the part in 1981. He remained until Doctor Who's cancellation in 1989.

Fezes are Cool! First Toybox of 2011!

A new 11th Doctor figure arrives in the Toybox as the first item in 2011!

The most recent items are found at

Happy 2011

From the DWAS Toybox.....Happy 2011!

Toybox - 5 Inch 80's Davros!

Toybox 2011

As the New Year approaches look out for some new themed toy box entries - companions, monsters and villians!

Happy New Year

Snow Quiz - UPDATE 2

From our own webmaster....

What about "The Abominable Snowman"? It has 'snow' in the title. Surely there must have been some snow in the episodes.

Over to you John Cura!