Singing in Doctor Who - UPDATE 2

Toybox has heard from Dale Brotherton who writes:

Just seen your quiz and would like to add a few:

Green Death - BOSS singing/humming
End of Time - Odd singing
Planet of the Odd - Odd singing

You might rule these out. I'll leave it to you!


We heard from Joe and Chris from The Eleventh Hour Podcast (Hi guys!) who write:

What about the classic "Doctor singing in the shower" scenes? So another go around for Pertwee in Spearhead from Space but also Matt Smith in The Lodger.

So, here is our updated list:

The Dalek Master Plan - Carol singing
The Gunfighters - The Ballad!
Spearhead from Space (with thanks Joe and Chris)
Inferno - The Doctor
Terror of the Autons - The Doctor (again)
Curse of Peladon - The Doctor (yet again)
Green Death - (Thanks Dale)
The Talons of Weng-Chiang - Stage singer - Daisy, Daisy....
The King's Demons - Kamelion
Trial of a Time Lord - Episode 12 - The Doctor
Delta and the Bannermen (Thanks Ian Wheeler)
The Happiness Patrol - The Doctor
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Thanks Ian Wheeler)
The Empty Child - Stage singer
Daleks in Manhatten - Stage singer - You put the devil in me!
Family of Blood - To be a pilgrim.
Voyage of the Damned - Party singer
Planet of the Odd - (Thanks Dale)
End of Time - (Thanks Dale)
The Lodger - (Thanks to Joe and Chris, Eleventh Hour Podcast)
A Christmas Carol - Abigail

Any others? Email me at and I'll update the list with a name check!