Singing in Doctor Who - A quiz

With the repeat of A Christmas Carol about to air on BBC1 here at Toybox Towers we are pondering the number of times there has been some singing in Doctor Who.

Here is our list:

The Dalek Master Plan - Carol singing
The Gunfighters - The Ballad!
Inferno - The Doctor
Terror of the Autons - The Doctor (again)
Curse of Peladon - The Doctor (yet again)
The Talons of Weng-Chiang - Stage singer - Daisy, Daisy....
The King's Demons - Kamelion
Trial of a Time Lord - Episode 12 - The Doctor
The Happiness Patrol - The Doctor
The Empty Child - Stage singer
Daleks in Manhatten - Stage singer - You put the devil in me!
Family of Blood - To be a pilgrim.
Voyage of the Damned - Party singer
A Christmas Carol - Abigail

Any others? Email me at and I'll update the list with a name check!