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Snow Quiz - UPDATE 1

Today Toybox Towers still remains snowed in. However we have devised a quiz to keep our festive spirits high!

Looking at the list the Cybermen seem to like snow....

Thanks to Dale Brotherton we have 3 editions to the list (in capitlas). Thanks Dale

Marco Polo
The Keys of Marinus
The Daleks' Masterplan
The Tenth Planet
The Ice Warriors

Eggheads - Christmas Edition Monday 20th December

Eggheads has just been transmitted on BBC2 and BBCHD. A great performance from Colin, Katy, Louise, John and Fraser.

Watch again at

I wonder who won....

Snowy Doctor Who - A Quiz!

As the Toybox is currently snowed into Toybox Towers I ponder the number of stories snow (or ice) has featured in a Doctor Who story. Here is my list:

Marco Polo
The Keys of Marinus
The Daleks' Masterplan
The Ice Warriors
The Seeds of Doom
The Ribos Operation
Revelation of the Daleks
The Christmas Invasion
The Runaway Bride
Voyage of the Damned
Planet of the Ood

Silva Screen soundtrack: A Christmas Carol

Silva Screen is proud to announce the February album release of the soundtrack to Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Day Special.

The soundtrack features classical music superstar Katherine Jenkins. Katherine is both part of the cast and singer on “Abigail’s Song”.

1 week until Christmas!

With one week to go the Toybox looks back on a festive Radio Times.

2 Weeks to go! Toybox Christmas Countdown!

2 calling birds....

RTD knew how to milk the DW publicity machine! In December 2008 not one, but two Doctors, graced our festive TV screens. In this pre christmas Radio Times The Next Doctor is revealed. Maybe.....

14 shopping days to go...

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3 French Hens - 3 weeks until Christmas!

Three French hens!

The festive countdown is getting close to the 25th and we place two new items into the Toybox. French Doctor Who DVDs are great when the actors have been dubbed! I love the French Jackie Tyler! In the run up to Christmas, the Toybox will watch the French versions of The Christmas Invasion and The Runaway Bride. Joyeux Noel!

20 shopping days to go...

Four Calling Birds! 4 weeks until Christmas!

Four calling birds

Flying things in Doctor Who are few and far between like the giant fly in The Green Death. But the Ultimate Adventure – The Stage Play has wires, for flying, in abundance! The Toybox remembers the stage play and places two items sold at the event into the archive!

27 shopping days to go...

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Children in Need - Flashback 1983

This week the Tobox remembers The Five Doctors first being shown on Children in Need.

Terry Wogan (1983) "Now an adventure with all Five Doctor Whos. You won't believe it....I promise you"

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5 weeks to go: Christmas Toybox Countdown continues!

Five gold rings!
The Five Doctors is placed into the Toybox today as our festive countdown continues. The ring of Rasillon has yet to be produced but a video and book has!

34 shopping days to go...

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