Silva Screen - The Specials Soundtrack 10 out of 10

Murray Gold's music for Doctor Who is becoming a celebrated part of the new series. This year's Silva Screen Doctor Who release (October 2010) presents the soundtrack to the 2009 Doctor Who Specials.

Flitting between light and dark, Murray Gold expertly switches from a Christmas romp (A Victorian Christmas) to cinematic epics (The March Of The Cybermen). Both these cues display the composer's forward thinking and sensitivity as they include snatches of the Vale decem melody which would accompany the final moments of David Tennant's Time Lord. Beautiful touch.

Planet of the Dead receives the least time on the CD set, but brilliantly odd synth sounds and beats in The Cat Burglar work well with the vastly different instrumentation of Stirring In The Sands.

The best part of this set however comes from the End of Time, mainly because the music helps the listener to reinforce the images in their heads of Dr 10's last moments on screen. The Master's end to Episode 1 is thankfully included too.

The sleeve notes are again commentary in themselves and are always a highlight of these releases. Thank you Silva Screen - the CD is going in the DWAS Toybox!