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John Davies

With effect from 18th October 2017 we regret that John Davies is no longer connected with the Society. Recent news reports concerning John's conviction for a serious offence came as a complete shock to us all and doubtless to many other people who have worked with him on CT and other publications.


BBC Worldwide are to release Shada as a complete story for the first time ever. Tom Baker returns as the Fourth Doctor in a previously unbroadcast story, combining original live-action footage with hand-drawn animation. To be released on DVD, Bluray and digital download.

Cosmic Masque New Volume

Cosmic Masque - CM XI

Cosmic Masque - CM IV

Cosmic Masque issue IV is now available. This is a 76 page magazine about being a fan - full of fiction, reviews, interviews and articles. As with all our e-magazines, it is free for everyone to download. Just follow the links to your preferred format - single page to a view, or two page spreads.

Cosmic Masque issues I, II and III are also available.

Anneke Wills to attend The Capitol

We are pleased to welcome Anneke Wills to The Capitol in April....

eBay Auction Raises Over £5000

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent eBay auction to raise funds for Syrian Refugees in North London. The total sent to the support project, which Peter and Elaine Capaldi are part of, after eBay fees was £5830. With Gift Aid tax relief this should increase to over £7280.

eBay Auction

Our eBay auction has less than a day to go - click here for details:

A reminder that as well as bidding you can also support our fundraising by buying a Postcards or Badge set.

Debbie Watling

The sad news this afternoon, 21st July 2017, is the death of Debbie Watling at age 69, best known to us all as Victoria Waterfield from Patrick Troughton's era.

One Month of Membership Free

One Month of Membership Free

Jodie Whittaker

So... Jodie Whittaker it is, best known for her part in 'Broadchurch' alongside David Tennant. Let us know what you think. A big step for the show.. in the right direction? Drop us a line at or pop over to our Facebook page (click the icon opposite)