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Discount on Membership for Amex Cardholders

DWAS now accepts American Express for membership renewals, as well as Visa and MasterCard. Amex is currently offering us a reduced commission rate for an introductory period, and we are pleased to pass that on to members.

Peter Sallis Dies

Peter Sallis who played Eric Penley in 'The Ice Warriors' in 1967 has died aged 96. He was best known to the public as the voice of Wallace in 'Wallace and Gromit and as Cleggy in Last of the Summer Wine.

Doctor Who UK Ratings Update

The consolidated Ratings for the BBC1 broadcast of 'The Pyramid at the End of the World' were 5.79 million, adding nearly 1.8 million viewers, putting Doctor Who as no 3 for the week on BBC1 and 7th across all channels.

A Message from Ryan Danes author of Sydney Newman biography 'The Man Who Thought Outside the Box'

I have just released Sydney Newman's biography THE MAN WHO THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE BOX, which will feature in Doctor Who Magazine 513, and is at the moment being reviewed for the Summer issue of Cosmic Masque.

I wondered if there would be any interest in the summer on a lecture on Sydney, and on the origins of the show?

Celestial Toyroom 470/1

This month's CT is a double issue in order to accommodate the amount of material, as we pay tribute to the War Doctor, John Hurt.

Watching Books Need Your Contributions

Watching Books the team behind the brilliant 'You and Who' series and its different variants are looking for contributors for their latest offering 'Our Sarah' which is dedicated to the life and work of the great Elisabeth Sladen. Head over to to find out how you can get involved in this or their other current projects.

The Capitol 2018

We are delighted to announce that The Capitol will be reopening its doors across the weekend of 28th/29th April 2018.

Lots more details to follow in the coming days and weeks!

The Capitol II - charity update

The final figures for our charities are as follows:

Syrian Refugees £1125-95 (£1407.43)
Cystic Fibrosis Trust £535-00 (£668.75
OCD UK £295-00 (£368.75)
Grand Order of Water Rats £260-00(£325.00)

The numbers in brackets are with gift aid. A grand total of £2769.93 was raised, thanks to each and every one of you. Doctor Who fans are the best!

The Capitol Charity Auction

Over the next few days we will make the items boring our Charity Auction at the Capitol, available to view online. Take a look and keep coming back to see more...

Overnight Ratings on BBC1 for 'Thin Ice'

Overnight ratings for Thin Ice on BBC1 yesterday suffered a bit of a drop off, achieving 20% or 3.76 million viewers. More at Doctor Who News: