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Overnight Ratings

The Christmas special on BBC1 in the U.K. acheived an overnight result of 5.8 million, or 27.1% of the audience. This is a respectable result compared to other programmes, achieving the number 7 position for the day. The highest rated programme was 'Strictly Come Dancing' with 7.2 million viewers, or 32.1% of the audience.

More information is at Doctor Who News:

Cosmic Masque Issue 3

It's not enough, said everyone after reading the CT 2017 Annual, we demand more. So here is more..

Mini Plaque Auction

Many thanks to all who supported our auction, by bidding, and by promoting it. The final winning bid was for a fantastic £560-00 which will benefit the Grand Order of Water Rats, in memory of Jon Pertwee.

Jon Pertwee Signed Mini Plaque - eBay Auction

Here is something a bit special at our eBay site. It is one of the 25 mini plaques from our recent event 'Polarity Day' where a plaque was unveiled in memory of Jon Pertwee at New Wimbledon Theatre - this one however, has been signed by a number fo the guests who attended - friends, family and colleagues of Jon.

The Capitol - Update

We're going be lighting our own Capitol Advent Candle. Look out for the announcement of a new guest every Sunday for four weeks in the run up to Christmas.

Mini Plaques and New DWAS Items

Our replica mini-plaques of that recently unveiling at New Wimbledon Theatre in memory of Jon Pertwee are now available to buy online, along with some other new DWAS items. Visit our shop for more details:

Polarity Day ***Update***

Following discussions with the venue we are moving to a larger auditorium at Wimbledon Theatre, meaning that there are now plenty more free tickets available for our event on 23rd October 2016. with the maximum number available per application going up from 2 tickets to 4. So if you would like to come and have not yet applied for tickets there is still time.

Polarity Day

Tickets for our event are now available. For more details please click the Polarity Day link on the front page.

The Power of the Daleks - fully animated!

Yes, it's true!

BBC Worldwide are to release a fully animated version of “The Power of the Daleks” on Saturday 5th November, exactly 50 years to the minute after it was first transmitted on at 5.50pm on Saturday 5th November, 1966

Roundel Badges

You can help us raise funds for our Jon Pertwee heritage plaque by buying a set of our roundel badges. Just click through to Polarity Day.